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Meet Sunny Boy

The Tabby
Nancy Garsick 29 Palms, CA

Sunny Boy....what a character!! Just want to squeeze him when you see him he's so cute. And when you pick him up to hold him, his whole body clings to you. He may be cute but he's such the instigator. Gets the dog in trouble all the time and won't leave his peacefull feline brother alone. Of course he gets away with all of this...sometimes!! He's a chubby one but but he's hard to catch!! So glad I rescued him! Here he is thinking he's been good and Santa is going to br

"The Big Man","Pumpkin","Trouble Maker"
Messing up the litter box after mom cleans it
Medicine for his mouth
Favorite Foods
"Beef Tempatations"
Favorite Pastimes
Scratching on the windows to try and escape

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