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Meet Momma Whitey

The hodge podge, part siamese
derrick mendocino

I rescued baby whitey from some punk rock kids who had her in a box in ashland oregon in 1998. They were trying to find her a home. She was way to little to be apart from her mom already but i took her in. She was sooo tiny, all head . She lloked like the mouse cartoon charachter brain from pinky and the brain. She kinda has one eye that is a little cross-eyed, which i find adorable.She is 14 years old now and now i call her momma whitey or momma for short. She is my best freind and has been

Miss whitey, cream cheese fiend, momma bear
catnip, sunspots on the floor,
big dogs, vacuums, being laughed at
Favorite Foods
cream cheese, wet food,
Favorite Pastimes
licking faces, cuddling

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