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Meet Annabelle

The Don't Really Know

Annabelle is your classic Garfield-esque cat; fat and lazy.  His (that's right, Annabelle is a boy) daily activities include sleeping, eating, cuddling, and occasional modeling. At 15 years old and weighing just under 20 pounds, Annabelle is surprisingly fit as a fiddle. From the time he was a wee kitten, Annabelle has loved venturing out and exploring.  On March 1, 2006, he ventured too far and went missing.  After weeks of searching, putting up flyers, and calling around,

Fat Cat, Andybelle, Lardy.
Eating anything and everything, sleeping, attention
Exercise, thunder, swiffers
Favorite Foods
Turkey, ham, homemade Rice Krispie treats, cream cheese frosting, popcorn, chicken.
Favorite Pastimes

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