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Meet Maisy&Ruby

The tortoiseshell
Vicki & Claire wigton

Here's my two cats Ruby and Maisy. We have had Ruby since she was 8 weeks old she's now 7 months. We have had Maisy since she was 11 weeks old she's now 15 weeks old. Both of these kittens love cuddles and are extremely friendly & loving. They spend most of their time either playing, sleeping, snuggling up to us or watching people outside walking past.

Ruby- rubel, rubes, rubicon, big foot, big tasty.Maisy- maze, daisy, mcflurry
sleeping,playing, cuddles, food, attention, toys, milk
water, being alone, no attention, the hoover, bed time, loud noises
Favorite Foods
fish, cheese ( although they are not allowed it ) treats or anything they are not fussy
Favorite Pastimes
hiding under the bed playing

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