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Meet Chewy

Suzan Mandla Ottawa ON

We adopted Chewy in September from the Ottawa Humane Society. They had picked her up as a stray back in July. We brought her home and within a couple of hours, it was like she'd always lived here. She is full of mischief yet so lovable, you cannot stay angry at her for more than a microsecond. A typical calico, she is loaded with personality and keeps her human companions in stitches with her crazy kitten antics. Yes, she definitely has us wrapped around her little pink toe pads already.&

8 months
Hunting for kibble; napping with her people; and chewing, everything.
Hair brushes.
Favorite Foods
All of them. Seriously. But she's particularly fond of coffee cream.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with her toy springs and napping on the desk, in between the keyboard and the monitor.

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