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Meet Riesling

The Mixed breed part manx
Kristen Robertson Opelika, AL

Ries is a 2 year old mixed breed with some manx.  She had no tail, not even a stub.  At 1 year 9 months she's smaller that most cats her age as she only weighs about 4lbs. She's so soft that we think she's part rabbit.  As with most cats  she is quite adventurous and loves to get in trouble.  When she does do things she's not supposed to she looks at you with the sweetest innocent face and softest meow that you just can't get mad at her. 

1 year 9 months
getting in trouble, chasing her sister, cuddling, talking to her squirrel friends, watching her Mommy take a bath
getting her nose cleaned, strangers
Favorite Foods
chicken, cheese, Mahi Mahi, ice cream
Favorite Pastimes
helping Daddy sew, watching the geckos, riding in the car

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