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Meet Tessles

The Birman
Heather Frankston

"Tessles" who is a pedigreed Birman with a posh registered name of Sharada Tigress Dreaming but aka as Tess, lives with me in a Retirement Village. She (and her mum) bring joy to my life every day. Tessles has the bluest of blue eyes in a stripey tabby expressive face She is super affectionate, playful and very creative in play. Whether I am watching her with a tiny scrap of tinsel that she pounces on, tosses, pushes into inaccessible spaces and ultimately "kills" - or neg

3 years old
Tess, Bubbie, Baby Girl.....
"ME" but especially being the centre of attention, loves guests and games involving Da Bird - wand toy
Loud noises especially when the lawn mowing contractors are coming
Favorite Foods
Raw beef strips and good quality cat food with gravy sauces
Favorite Pastimes
Teasing the birds that come outside the window, playing with tiny spiders and bugs

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