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Meet Boomer

The Dilute Calico
Elizabeth North Vancouver

Boomer was rescued along with her sister as a kitten by a friend of a friend and found a loving home with me. She is full of energy and when in hyper-mode runs all around and up and down, hence the name Boomer. She has a lot of character, loves to play and be the center of attention. You can always tell what she's thinking by her funny facial expressions.

BoomBoom, Beams, Beamsicle
Toy mice, long feathers on a rod, treats, knocking things off the table, catching flies, climbing to high places, crawling into enclosed spaces, sitting on cardboard, paper, books, laptops, towels.
Not getting treats, being cuddled against her will.
Favorite Foods
Wet food, treats, fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Bathing in the sun, staring out the window for hours, chasing bugs.

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