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Meet Tortay

The RagaMuffin
Laura Gregory

Ragtime Cats Precious Tortay is a tortoiseshell & white female who is 11 years old.  Tortay was the last born in a litter of 7 and was the smallest kitten.  But she was a strong fighter from the beginning and she pushed her way into daddie's heart also, so she stayed with us as a forever pet.  Tortay was a huge fan at cat shows when she was young - showing off her awesome 'muffin' personality and just flopping all over the place and demanding everyone's atte

11 years
Tort, Tortellini
Massive amounts of attention & any available lap
being ignored
Favorite Foods
Canned treats
Favorite Pastimes
pet me, pet me, pet me - and that feather on a stick is pretty cool too

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