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Meet Phoenix

The Long Hair Domestic
Scott & Kim Van Osdol Columbus Indiana

Phoenix was adopted by us in March of 2012. He had been a shelter cat for most of his life. We fell in love with him immediately. He is probably about 2 years old but acts like he's 2 months old. He came into our home and immediately felt safe and loved. He is now King of the house and we all love him. He is extremely playful, funny, and adorable. Hope you like him as much as we do!

Phoenix, Mr. Kitty or Tittytat
Anything Daddy eats, boxes, plastic bags, and jumping as high as he can
Sleeping alone
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix shredded toppers, tuna, ism hairball maintenence and weight control and almost anything else
Favorite Pastimes
Running, Jumping, playing with mice, ribbon, milk rings, and snuggling

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