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Meet Sullivan

The Tabby
Tabitha Radford, VA

Sullivan loves photo time and belly rubs. He welcomes family home with nosies, gives midnight massages, and aspires to sit in everyone's chairs right before we need them! He doesn't always get along with his adopted brother, but they sure know how to work as a team when the kitty bowl is empty. Good luck sleeping through that duet! (Complete with a full acrobatic display right on top of you.) And when that act doesn't work, he'll pull out the starving victim card and chew on t

Sully, Snuggle Muffin
Hiding in the shower curtain, paintbrushes, bells.
Bubble wrap, the hair dryer, going outside.
Favorite Foods
Turkey, cheese, canned kitty noms!
Favorite Pastimes
Catching bugs, catching toys, catching other pets, catching Mommy.

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