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Meet Skinny Mini

The Sphynx
Crystal Gibson Grenoble, France

Bonjour! This is Skinny Mini, a 4-year-old tortie sphynx that I adopted from a nearby breeder when she was 3. Mini spent the first part of her life living with a lovely woman and a lot of other sphynx cats, and she had some beautiful kittens of her own. When Mini's mothering days were over, she found her way to me to spend the rest of her life getting all the attention and love she deserves!

Mini lives with me, a Canadian ex-pat, in a town in the French Alps. She loves to sun

4 years
Mimi, Mims, Pretty Girl, Alpiniste
eating, sunbathing, cuddling, hunting flies, antagonizing my dog
taking a bath, being left alone, empty food dish
Favorite Foods
She only gets Royal Canin kibble for cats to keep her healthy and her weight under control, but like any self-respecting Frenchie, she loves little nibbles of fresh baguette!
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in the sun, scratching furniture

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