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Meet Cosmo

The Russian Blue
Ely Rendon Savannah

Cosmo is a 3 year old male Russian Blue. He was "adopted" from the streets when he was a baby (just 2 weeks old). He was in danger of dying, said the doctor, because he was so young when we found him, and one of his back paws was deformed. Now he's very healthy and gorgeous and I love him a lot!

This pic isn't Photoshop. I play bubbles with him and he loves them!

Cucuki, cucurito.
Scratching his post and catching stuff to put it inside my husbands shoes.
Someone touching his paws or belly.
Favorite Foods
Cat chow for indoor cats, any treats specially beef.
Favorite Pastimes
Catching whatever it moves and whatching squarriels out of the window.

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