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Meet Kronus

The Lynx Point Siamese
Debra Preston Pacifica, CA

Toot Sweet was adopted from the ASPCA. He was 4 1/2 months old when I found him at the shelter in San Mateo, CA. I remember thinking "Who, would throw away such a beautiful aniaml?" The minute I held him, he tucked his head under my chin and went to sleep. He is very jealous of me and does not like it if I go away for more than a day. When I dare to disobey this rule, he greets me with love and head butts..Then in a flash he grabs me and bites me quick to let me know just how unhapp

9 1/2 yrs
Tooties, Toot Sweets, McToots, Mickey Toots, Little Man, Tootie Viscious
Sleeping on my feet, Temptations treats, His Cat tower,
Sharing his Mommy person, Girly Girl (Our Girl cat) Being kicked off my feet!
Favorite Foods
Iams, Temptation treats, Tuna, Chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Lazing in the sun, Attacking his doggie brother, Trying to catch his tail in his tower.

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