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Meet Samantha

The Maine Coon
Kenda Robertson Orlando

In the summer of 2005, we noticed a adorable, but scared little face with bright, aqua-colored eyes looking desperately at us through our front door. After coaxing the little fluff ball to eat on our porch, we also noticed she had a bad skin condition. Following months of givng her food and love, she finally warmed up to us and we got help for her flea allergy. Though we don't know where our Samantha (with the bewitching eyes) came from, we know she will be with us forever.

Samster, Her Royal Fluffiness, Fluffkins
Cuddling, kisses, being combed, nature
Other cats, dogs, rain, flea medicines
Favorite Foods
Fish and anything edible
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on mom's desk or dad's car, watching birds and squirrels

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