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Photo Contest

Meet monster

The kitten
carlos diaz alvarado houston
Basically the cutest cat in the world. He loves naps and eating. He goes ape nits for catnip and has some pretty dinky farts. I love him a lot so much so I got a tattoo of him on me. He has an affinity for eating the neck meat offe animals and leaving the carcuses on my doorstep as gifts. I wish I could upload more pictures cause im always taking photo shoots of him being quite cute. He also enjoys knitting on my girlfriend ashleighs boobies quite a bit
milk, food, toys, photo shoots, me, other people to pet him, getting pet, wet food
not getting pet, other cats eating his food, other cats, getting wet
Favorite Foods
tuna, wet food, dry food, spaghetti sauce
Favorite Pastimes
naps, eating, getting pet, me, photo shoots

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