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Meet Cowboy

The Unsure
Teressa Kamloops

Cowboy is the strongest, most muscular cat I have ever encountered. I found him by the side of a busy highway near a large field he had been living in. My headlights caught the reflection of his eyes and I pulled over to rescue him. We both ended up crossing a four-lane highway twice before we were united. He came home with me and straight into the bathtub as he was filthy and quite wild - after all he was a cowboy!! Now, he is my most loyal cat and a huge, fluffy bundle of constant love and

Big Kitty
Following mommy around like a doggie. Meowing to inform mommy of the goings on in the house.
Having his fur combed.
Favorite Foods
Anything edible for kitties.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping beside mommy's head in bed,catching bubbles in the backyard.

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