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Meet Ziva

The Tabby DSH
Su Humphrey Phoenix, AZ

An exotic beauty, just as the television star she is named after, Ziva is highly observant and highly skilled in the art of attack.  Though she prefers to remain cloaked in mystery, those many opportunities to investigate her brother's actions find her peering out on the action from many unlikely places. Her participation is usually limited to when she feels that he is in need of her assistance....but always checks up on him after he has moved on to his next endea

3 1/2 years
"pretty kitty"
toys, lazer tag, bugs, small geckos, attention on her terms only
fuss, noise, the trash truck picking up
Favorite Foods
kitty treats--thinks they should be the main course!
Favorite Pastimes
hiding in unlikely places, being an artist's assistant, rubbing against the Labradors

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