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Meet Gibbs

The looks like a Turkish Van
Su Humphrey Phoenix, AZ

Just like his television namesake, Gibbs is the consummate investigator.  He is curious about pretty much everything, and if he is really interested, he gets totally involved. He is particularly fond of gardening and painting, and helping in the kitchen...or anywhere there's action, as he is pretty much fearless. We don't like to talk about it, but he is also quite the hunter--(enough said on that subject).

Gibbs is particularly fond of his Labrador sister and brother and

almost 4 years old
CatRabbit, "silly thing",
attention, a great napping spot,watching the silhouettes of the birds at the fountain,playing with the ice cubes in a party bucket of beverages, snuggling
scary noises like the trash truck picking up
Favorite Foods
whatever you're fixing especially if it involves something round as that makes the perfect projectile, frozen shrimp, his own catfood
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging out with his Labrador sister & brother (He thinks he is a Labrador, too, I think!)

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