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Meet precious

The manx
roger prince george

When a friend asked if I would take precious, at first I said no way.  I never had a cat and thought I could only ever love a dog.  Boy was I wrong.  Although not a feral cat she had a rough life after her first owner died.  While my friend was trying to convince me, telling me the next stop was the pound to be put down, Precious jumped on my lap.  The longer she sat the louder the purring became and she didn't seem to want to get down.  It was love at first

the queen
Back rubs. playing with a string. A cool breeze in the summer her heating pad in the cold. Laying on a soft bed.
Being picked up especially by strangers. Loud noise. Other cats.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Watching the dogs play then scolding them if their make her nervous.

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