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Meet Elsa Rose Griffn

The Manx
Kay Griffin San Antonio

12 years ago, my elderly cat Rosie passed away on May 26 2000, which happened to be my youngest nephew's 13th birthday. Rosie was 18 when she passed and I had had her since she were a kitten. Well, I have a friend who told me that when Rosie passed she would get me a new kitten. and a month or so later my friend presented me with a tiny orange ball of fur with a bunny rabbit like tail. and first thing the kitten did was hide behind the sofa. I waited for a while till all was quiet and got

Elsa Belsa
her pouch bed, sleeping on my bed with me, doritos,drinking from the bathroom sink faucet
her brother cat Ebby play fighting with her, and baths
Favorite Foods
cat food doritos, and cheez-it crackers
Favorite Pastimes
purring, naps and eating

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