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Meet Ebony (Ebby) George Griffin

The Maine Coon
Kay Griffin San Antonio

Ebony better known as Ebby, is my jet black Maine Coon male kitty. About 6 or 7 years ago there was this skinny black cat roaming around my apartment complex, and he looked like he really needed a home. I have some friends who really loves black cats, so I got him for them, and they loved him but couldn't keep him. I already had and stll have an ginger tabby female manx kitty and she wasn't to trilled to have another cat invade her territory. but he stayed, and I so glad he did, he ma

his cat tree, jingly cat toy balls, and chin rubs, and dry cat food.
to have his tail touched too much and can cat food
Favorite Foods
dry cat food
Favorite Pastimes
sitting on his cat tree and looking out at the world and napping

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