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Meet Larkin

The Ragdoll / Birman Mix (Chocolate Point)
Hayley Blank Georgina, ON

What can I say about Larkin? She’s the most amazing, beautiful cat that I have ever met. She has lovely ice blue eyes, a soft chocolate coloured coat and is the friendliest girl ever. Larkin came to us late June of 2006. She’d come into the local animal shelter on June 1st after having being found in a live trap in the woods. She’d obviously been left in the trap for quite some time as she was very, very thin, most of her coat had fallen out, and her face was badly scraped f

Lark, Larkie
Being cuddled, petted & held, being with me at all times. Snuggling with her two feline & one canine “adopted” brothers. Eating kitty treats. Sleeping next to me. Being groomed. Meeting new animals & people. Exploring the house & playing with toys!!!
Being away from me and her adopted siblings.
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo dry food and Friskies can food. Kitty treats, yogurt, cream cheese and buttered bread.
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting on my dresser, looking out the window at the world going by, watching cars, people and other animals pass by.

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