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Meet Maggie

The Mixed (Calico)

Maggie is a little lady with some big cat personality! My husband and I adopted her from a no-kill shelter in Fayetteville, NC right after we came back from a deployment to Iraq. 

When I got to the shelter there were so many adorable cats, but Maggie stood out right away with her big green eyes, beautiful markings, and outgoing personality. She immediately jumped on my back when I bent down to pet another kitty and captured my heart from that moment on. She was over 3 years old w

Mags, Muggles, Margaret (when she wants to be taken seriously)
Watching wildlife outside and long brushings
Hearing the shower turn on, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners of course!
Favorite Foods
Really just cat food (and the occasional pork rind!)
Favorite Pastimes
Playing hide and seek with her humans (seriously!) and darting after imaginary object

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