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Meet Fidget

Erin Sanford Port Reading, NJ

I volunteer at my local animal shelter and while I was there one night the ACO supervisor asked me if I would like to foster a bottle baby kitten. Fidget was only a couple of days old. He was so tiny I couldn't resist taking him home to love and care for. I did all that I could to protect my kitten because I was told when I took him that he was the only survivor of his litter...his mother didn't make it either. Well, Fidget is now a happy, healthy 4 month old kitten! He's my speci

4 months
Stinkums, Snuggles, Squidge, WildCat
terrorizing his older brother
belly rubs
Favorite Foods
canned kitten food, bologna, catsmilk
Favorite Pastimes
checking out the birds and bugs from the window

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