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Meet Betty White

The Siamese-Burmese
Kimberly Giebel Toluca Lake

What can I tell you about Betty? She just had her first birthday!

This frisky kitty is a big ball of personality, and a total chatterbox. First of all, I swear she's multilingual. (She rolls her R's and purrs in French.) Second of all, white cats can jump! (She gets air.) And thirdly, she's a ninja. She can freeze like a statue, and can easily blend into: wrapping paper, toilet paper, book cases, dishes, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and sinks. Ninja!

Betty i

Cats, Reality TV, Sinks, Carpet, Windows, Toys
Birds, Squirrels, Dogs, Spiders, Loud sounds, Vacuums, Water
Favorite Foods
Anything fishy!
Favorite Pastimes
Car Rides

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