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Meet Mozie

The DLH / Turkish Angora
Erin Joppa
This is our little tortie kitty Mozie (a.k.a Moz Toes). She was just oh so tired and decided to take up residency wherever she could find it. So stinkin' cute! She has a half black and half pink nose which makes it look like she's wearing lipstick :-)
1 year
Moz Toes, Toes Toes, Tozie, Little One, Little Kitty
Cat treats, laser pointers, crane flies, foam bouncy balls, playing with human toes, watching our pet turtles.
Crinkling plastic (it makes her gag), being brushed
Favorite Foods
My kitties get Blue so they love their food. Mozie also likes Grapenuts, anytime I have plain dry Grapenuts she always wants to steal them. Last but not least she LOVES cat treats, she knows the sound if the drawer & will come barreling out of no where.
Favorite Pastimes
Stealing clean socks, playing with her kitty buddies Nelly and Abbey, chasing bugs

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