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Meet Gus and Simba

The Burmese and Tabby
Amanda Whitby

These two brothers were brought to us by their mommy Luna who my mum was feeding for a while. We found them curled up beside her one night in our backyard and we had to take them in. We kept them and Luna. We fed and took care of them as they grew up. We watched them learn to walk, jump and get into trouble! They are so different (in size and personality) but we love them both and I am so happy they were brought to us. I am never alone with these two running around and I think it's safe t

11 months
Gustopher and Simbi
Gus: eating, crying, getting pet, sleeping; Simba: getting pet, climbing, chasing bugs, sleeping
Gus: car rides; Simba: strangers
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Gus: chasing people to get pet; Simba: climbing and attacking windows with bugs on them

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