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Meet lionel glitchie

The domestic short hair
lisa berridge welland, ontario

lionel glitchie is a very dainty fellow.  he prances around with such a delicate tip toe.  if he could perform putting on the ritz everyday he totally would!

he's very nosey and likes to be on top of everything i am doing at all times.  it is not often that he is not behind me or under my feet.

he's also is a bit of a neat freak.  he can't stand how dirty is bff harley gets and is constantly trying to groom him.

7 ish
glitchard, glitches
he likes me a whole lot and his best friend harley.
any cat food that is healthy and other cats.
Favorite Foods
whiskas canned cat food of the seafood variety.
Favorite Pastimes
following me around, watching me, eating plastic bags, looking inside bags, sitting inside bags

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