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Meet May Violet

The Rescue mix- thought to be norwegian forest cat,turkish van, Balinise mix
Roger, Virginia and Sara Jewel Wilson Atlanta, Ga Pharr road animal hospital

May is a sweet and fun loving girl. She was just a little kitten up for adoption at the vet, when we had to put one of our others down, Molly. She loves to play and have fun. She is trained to walk on a leash by her youngest owner. She loves to play with anything that doesn't say cat toy on the box. She is a genius when it comes to getting her collar off, and then drowns it in her water bowl. Her birthday is September 28th, and she will be 5 this year. She is easy going, loves to rub past

May V; Precious Little Angel Girl
Playing with anything that's not a cat toy,hair ties,taking off putting her collar among other things into her water bowl, being sweet, being brushed, walking on a leash, watching her doggy sister play,
Nothing, really, she loves everyone
Favorite Foods
fish flavored treats, and home made treats
Favorite Pastimes
Putting things in water bowls, walking on a leash, watching her doggy sis

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