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Meet Mr.Bibblesworth

The Domestic Longhair/ Tortie
Pam Mulhern McHenry,IL

People say she is the cat version of her owner (Pam), cute cuddly and a little chubber, with a little dark side that will snap without warning. She will deal with anything Pam does to her, but if Pam's mom tries any of it she will attempt to bite. She is super cute and lovey, and absolutely adores having her face rubbed. She also has the best tummy fur.

Bibbles, Nibbles, Scribbles.
face rubs, small pom poms.
too much petting, our other cat Pumpkin, baths.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
playing with her little green pom pom, eating, sleeping, running around like a maniac.

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