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Meet Tiny & Toby

The DMS/Manx
Jean Hooe Baltimore, MD

Introducing the scare-dy cats:  Tiny & Toby.  Not to be outdone they are Rocky's brothers who were both born with very long tails.  Whereas Rocky and her other brother have none.  Toby in the forefront of the photo has a fuller coat vs. Tiny who has what I call a slickery coat. Toby likes to curl up next to or on you vs. Tiny who will come when called and nudge you with his head and let you pet him, but want's no part of being held. These boys are a joy to

1 year
Tiny Tim, Toe-B
Looking out the window or glass door, running a playing
the water bottle, Tiny-being held
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Toby - sleeping Tiny - roaming

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