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Meet Queen Jelly Bean

The Domestic Shorthair (Calico)
Sierra Benedik Cedar Springs, Michigan

Queen Jelly Bean is my world. She is the silliest, cutest, smartest, most loving cat I know. But I guess I'm a little biased! She is unique and wears her heart on her paw. Here's what makes her so special.

She says the word mom. If I'm gone all day or she can see me outside the window playing with my dog and she can't get to me (she's an indoor only cat) she meows. And it isn't a typical cat cry. Nope. It's a full blown, screamed "MOM!!!" My own m

4 years
Baby Bean, Beanie Baby, Queenie
Learning new tricks, cuddling her mommy, playing gently with my guinea pigs
hot weather, loud noises, when her mommy's gone all day, soft cat treats and canned cat food
Favorite Foods
mashed potaotoes, steak, and cranberry flavored cat treats
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, Birdwatching out the window, Training, Practicing agility

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