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Meet Max

The Domestic Shorthair
Emma Saskatoon

Max is white all over and REALLY likes to talk. He meows at everything, and when you talk to him; he replies. We are Max's second owners; his first owners treated him badly. Max gets scared at a lot of things, especially the vacum cleaner; but is gettinbg less and less scared each time it comes on. Max is so nice to us; especially our other cat Rosie. Max was our first cat so when we got Rosie, Max was just like a big brother. When Rosie escaped outside, Max would paw at the window. When

Maxi Bear, Maxikinz, Sleepybear.
Being held and pet.
The vet, baths, being brushed.
Favorite Foods
Beef, chicken and fish
Favorite Pastimes
Meowing and following us around.

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