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Meet Kiki

The Mutt
Sarah watertown

Kiki is an adorable mutt. Kiki was adopted from my friends grandma. I recived Kiki December, 24th, 2011 as a early Christmas present. We call Kiki our miracle. He developed his back legs wrong which disable him from certain things, his legs look normal but when he walks he wabble a little bit. It in fact does not hurt him. Kiki is our miracle and our trooper we needed him because when we got him our dad had just recently gone to jail. Kiki is amazing and beautiful and he also is what I say a

6-ish months
Ki, Kodi, devil
Cat treats, looking out the window, boxes and laser pointers
canned food, loud noises and stairs
Favorite Foods
Homemade tuna delight (that's what we call it)
Favorite Pastimes
Bird watching, Climbing boxes,

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