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Meet Noah

The ginger tabby
sherri toronto

Noah is a wild one!  When I brought him home at 8 weeks of age he went straight up to the dog and stole her treat right out of her mouth! lol! He loves pulling down curtains, shredding shower curtains, running around wildly, wrestling with the dogs, he is absolutely fearless! He seems to think his paws are hands and loves eating with them playing in water he opens the curtains to chirp at birds through the window. when he has finally burned off some energy he comes and flops in my lap fo

rat, buffy, sweet little man
playing, pulling down curtains, licking plastic bags, stealing treats from cupboards
being brushed and barking dogs
Favorite Foods
shrimp, salmon, cat food, dog food(always stealig it)
Favorite Pastimes
chirping at birds, napping on his kitty condo

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