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Meet Minnow

The Seal-Point Siamese
Lani Proud Burlington, VT native. (Now lives in Providence, RI.)

Minnow, otherwise known as The Tinycat, is a comedic little girl who captivates all with her wry wit, slapstick antics, irresistible charisma, and delightful charm. You can follow this sweet and petite Siamese on her blog, fascinatingarmoire.blogspot.com, or join her legions of Instagram fans (@laniberry).

The Tinycat
sunbeams, windowsills, hot radiators, boxes, Mom's MacBook, free will
thunder, firecrackers, Mom's totally unnecessary attempts to trim my "velicoraptor claws"
Favorite Foods
salmon, pureed pumpkin, anything Mom is eating
Favorite Pastimes
catnapping, people watching, chillaxing, snuggling, absurd antics

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