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Meet Keillee

The Longhaired Tortoiseshell
Tracy Burlington On

Keillee was found on a busy service road when she was about 3 weeks old. She was filthy, emaciated and left to fend for herself. After getting a clean bill of health from the vet, we fed and bathed her and gave her a home where she would never had to worry about finding her next meal. She is now 11 months, very healthy and active and loving her spoiled indoor life. She has a older brother to tease and wrestle with, as well as a dog to protect her. She acts as any crazy kitten should and shows

11 months
Kee-kee, Squirly, Squirly girly
Water, Being out in the rain,Bugging her brother Parker, Her dog Blitz
Nothing as of yet
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything, including the dog food
Favorite Pastimes
Wrestling with her brother, Siting in the flower pot, laying in the sun on the balcony

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