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Meet Ebony Rose (Ebby)

The DSH/Bombay
Nicolle Dartmouth, NS

Ebby is a silly little girl...she is a rescue cat who came to live with me as a foster cat and quickly won my heart and the right to stay.  She's about a year old now and a joy to have around, even though sometimes she flies around the apartment like a flash of black lightening.  I'm always waking up to little gifts by my bed or in my shoes of mice or her other favorite toys.  She gets upset if I step outside the apartment as she always wants to know where I am and she

1 year
Ebby, Eb's, Monkey, Nut, Little One
catnip spray, little foam soccer balls, homemade mice
when Mommy leaves
Favorite Foods
tuna juice
Favorite Pastimes
lounging by the window monitoring the neighbourhood

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