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Meet Mama kitty

The domestic long hair
Mama loves to play with the little red light pointers. She weighs aprox. 18lbs and she is very funny to watch while trying to jump up the wall. She loves to lay in my bathroom sink, though she does not fit. Mama also loves to lie on her back with her legs spread wide open. She is such a little hussy! :-) Her personality is very funny but don't make her mad. I could go on and on. Mama is very different from the other cats I have owned. She was a ferral cat when we found her and she was quite mean
toys, the smell of a person after taking a shower, head and neck rubs.
being groomed. My oldest cat. (she is so jealous of her) telling her no!
Favorite Foods
Iams dry food, weight mgmt. Italian meats & cheese. Not too much though.
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, eating, playing with her boys & her toys. Loves her tree house.

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