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Meet Brautigan

The Longhaired whinypuff (part Maine Coon perhaps? I dunno)
Evan and Liisa Toronto

We found Brautigan at the Humane Society where he went by the alias Reggie. We fell in love with his goofy playful side as he wrestled with a piece of newspaper and pushed his paws towards the bars on his carrier. He was so obviously the #1 cat in the house that we were extremely nervous that someone would snatch him up before we could. We told him to play it cool while we filled out the paperwork and he agreed to take a nap until the time was right. He was also pretty tuckered out from fight

Boo Boo, Puffball, FatCat, Mr. Puffington Poof
Cuddling and attention, going outside, complaining that he isn't allowed outside, food.
When you stop petting him for, like, three seconds while you scratch your nose.
Favorite Foods
Lasagna. No really! (Not really.)
Favorite Pastimes
Writhing on the floor begging for belly rubs, model railroad construction

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