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Meet Simba and Mazzy

The Calico and Tortoise Shell
Laurie Vogt Glendale, WI

Simba is a beautiful long-haired calico cat who is mostly white with accents of color on her head, tail and legs.  I met her the day after she was born, and adopted her at 8 weeks of age.  Mazzy is a unique tortoise shell tabby whom I rescued from a local animal shelter at the age of 3 weeks.  Simba thinks she is Mazzy's mom, as their age difference is 3 years.  Mazzy acts like a dog.  She fetches toys, does tricks on command, and tears into food and paper product

15 and 11
Pookie / Max
Milk / Birdies
Brushing / Stranger Danger
Favorite Foods
Chicken / Popcorn
Favorite Pastimes
Napping / Eating

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