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Meet Whitaker

Rob & Mike New York

An odd mix of Siamese blonde and Tabby orange, Whitaker was a special needs cat that came to us in great distress.  Given away by his former owners to an intermediate home, he arrived flea and worm infested, constipated, and later diagonosed with megacolon.  From the first day, he surrendered any fears (if he had any) for the care and love we gave him, and he was so very grateful.  From baths to pills to sometimes-weekly enemas, he allowed it all and never complained.  Ear

Whistickles, Wafflehouse, Westminster, Food Mooch
very long open-palm face rubs, mousey, and food food food!
enemas weren't a favorite, but he never once complained or was difficult.
Favorite Foods
baked chicken topped the list. Oh...and Temptations! LOVED them!
Favorite Pastimes
screaming (!) for food, and spending endless minutes licking your fingers.

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