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Meet Lola

The Mixed
Jackie Ashburn

My Fiancee used to work at Home Depot and there was a ferile cat that would always hang out in the back of the store. One day they noticed that this cat had a baby! After a couple of weeks my Finacee noticed that the mom cat wasn't around for a couple of days, and there was a big storm that was coming so he decided to take the baby home.

8 months later from that fateful day our baby girl Lola is a HUGE part of the clan! Besides needing a bath she was PERFECTLY health! :) We have t

8 months
Lola-Bean, Baby-girl, Lo
Ice, Treats, looking out the window
HATE getting her nails trimmed.
Favorite Foods
Whisker Lickin' treats, Blue Buffalo cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Looking at the window, playing with her brothers

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