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Meet Crackie

The Siamese-mix
Lawrence and Eric Toronto Ontario

We adopted Crackie from a local vet when he was 2-weeks old. He was an abandoned kitten but because of his feisty attitude (he was jumping at dogs bigger than him enticing them to play at a young age); we took him in. He is quite a smart cat as he can fetch a ball, comes when you call his name, and loves watching CNN. He's also a very curious and brave cat as he's not afraid of anything (except bath time). He plays with our 60lbs Standard Poodle named Joker and he always wins (see the

Little sh*t
Fetching ball, catching flies, playing iPad, playing with Joker (our 60lbs standard poodle) and dressing-up
bath & touching his tail
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
waking us up at 5am in the morning so we can feed him and biting us to play

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