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Meet Ralph "Ridiculous" Lewis

The He was a rescue, so I'm not sure. He looks part Maine Coon, though
Lizzie Lewis Santa Monica, CA

He was a rescute (yes, that was initially a typo, but he was a very cute rescue, so “rescute” is actually correct) that I adopted several years ago.  He's VERY shy (read: petrified of just about everyone) which is especially hilarious as he probably weighs about 20 lbs.  He's a big guy. But Ralph is, hands down, the best cat I've ever had.  Not only is he insanely loving (I think he thinks I'm his mom), but he's very trainable.&nbs

Monkey as he never learned how to meow "properly" and makes monkey sounds
Me (of course), white furry mice, beef-flavored cat food and laying on Snuggies
A brisk wind (it would scare him), anyone (or cat) touching (or biting if it's a cat) his back feet
Favorite Foods
Beef-flavored anything. We never give him people food, so I think that's it. Oh, and treats, of course.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping (obviously), staring into my eyes (seriously) and his brother, Ted

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