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Meet Waclaw Sierpinski

The Maine Coon
Laura Ruthemeyer Mount Vernon, WA

Waclaw Sierpinski (one of the great mathematicians of record... and a really cool cat, in his own right), is our 'empty nest' cat. Which is to say, when the last 'bird' left the nest... she also left Sierpinski.
She is a big, beautiful stray that "followed me home!", as the story went.
She does, however, have a meow only a mother could love. Pretty sure in a previous life she was a saloon girl... she's got quite the whiskey and cigar voice!

4 years
"Laps, naps, and observation"
"That other cat... whats-her-name"
Favorite Foods
"Never met a cat food I didn't like. Oh, and cheddar cheese, please!"
Favorite Pastimes
"Seeing how long it takes for the squirrels to see me under the bush.. I've got all day!"

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