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Meet Max and Mickey

Elizabeth Barany Sewaren, NJ

Max and Mickey are brothers and best buds.  I adopted them as kittens after my cat of sixteen years passed away.  They always seem to be getting into something, but their crazy antics make me laugh.  Max enjoys opening the kitchen cabinets, particularly the cereal cabinet.  He's been known to pull out cereal boxes and help himself to a snack.  Alpha-bits seem to be a favorite.  We did put a baby lock on the cabinet, but it hasn't proved to be much of

Max doesn't have a nickname, but Mickey is also known as "Mr. Mouse"
Catnip, furry and/or feathery toys
Small children, having their teeth cleaned and going to the vet
Favorite Foods
Turkey. Max also LOVES peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, napping and chasing the laser light

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