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Meet Kombucha

The Bengal/tabby mix
Jill Bjorklund Brainerd, MN

When we first got Kombucha he was sickly, skinny, and half frozen, and also, very hostile! He was obviously grateful to have a warm home and plenty of food, but he also was not at all afraid to tell us very vocally when we were crossing his comfort lines. Over the past year and a half he has become a much sweeter, very playful cat-while still retaining some of the fiestiness that makes him so special. He has more personality than I could ever fit in this box! He isn't always an easy cat b

About 3
Booch, Boochaba, Snoochie Boochie
Lounging artfully (on books, DVDs, his kittylounge, etc.), hair elastics, visiting the bathroom with us :P
Being attacked by big brother Carlos, dirty litterboxes, being held too long, blowdryers
Favorite Foods
cat treats and crunchies, and the occasional bite of pizza
Favorite Pastimes
Attacking anything that moves (or, sometimes, just looks suspicious), birdwatching, getting brushed

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