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Meet Edgar

The Blue Point Siamese
Matthew Toronto

Nine years old, sweet, smart, alpha male cat, love of my life.

Edgar has no sob story, he was not an underprivileged kitty, he didn't work his way up from destitution and pain.  I adopted him from a nice family, he was happy and well-cared for, lived with his mommy and his siblings, he's just a nice, sweet kitty and the darling of our house.  :)

Nedgar, Bedgar, Monster, Couch-Monster, Lap-Monster, Eddie, Schmeddie, Schmedgar, Pie, Siamese-Pie, Big Mouth.
Couch-eating, purring, plastic bag-eating, biting, scratching, eating, loving
Other cats, dogs, being kicked out of the bedroom, not being fed ontime, even not being fed early.
Favorite Foods
Chicken Dinner
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, sleeping, destroying furniture, purring, meowing, knocking over things filled with water, being stroked and petted.

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